The Umonics Method: Why Start Memory Training in Preschool

The Umonics Method
The Umonics Method

Children are born with incredible capacity and desire to learn. Children must be provided with rich experiences through play and activities that develop critical thinking and problem-solving, understanding about themselves which are age and developmentally appropriate.

The Umonics Method curriculum has embedded the activities and experiences for all domains of development such as cognitive, socio-emotional, language and literacy, physical-motor and creative and aesthetic, which are interlinked.

Ample opportunities must be provided to explore, understand, experiment, experience and transform information into meaningful content for memory encoding, storage and retrieval.

At the preschool age, children are curious and enthusiastic about the colours, sounds, shapes, sizes and forms around them.

The child’s capacity to experience the world becomes richer and more differentiated over the years. This initial learning takes place as a part of communication with adults and their peers.

Preschooler’s need to be given opportunities to investigate, explore, and develop a perception of their immediate and wider environment – human, social and cultural. In the investigation of their environments, children are involved in observation, questioning, analysis, prediction, discussion, exploration, investigation, and experimentation.

In this manner, they construct, modify, and develop a broad range of concepts and ideas. Children begin to handle their own feelings and emotions, learn to share, turn-taking and cooperating with peers.

Children begin to tell others when they are happy or sad. They also develop their self-concept. The present memory training curriculum, therefore, includes the specific content and pedagogy to suit the age and developmental requirements of this stage and finds its support from the theoretical and conceptual frameworks in the form of the guiding systems.

This not only provides the needed flexibility in terms of the preschooler’s age, given the diversity in policies but also caters to the realities of multilevel; multi-agee classrooms and ensures a smoother transition from preschool to early primary school leading to positive self-concept and confidence or using their memorisation abilities, better performance and better retention rates.

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