IDG Contributor Network: Misery loves company: the chronic end-user problems that undermine IT credibility

Many IT organizations struggle to win the hearts and minds of their fellow employees. IT team members work as long and as hard as their business peers, often behind the scenes. Yet, while senior executives may publicly praise their accomplishments, they somehow always end up being the Rodney Dangerfields of their companies: they simply can’t get any respect from their peers!

Why not? The reason IT can’t garner the respect it deserves is simple. End users inevitably encounter personal IT issues in trying to perform their jobs. These issues disrupt their plans, consume their time, and may even undermine their ability to meet their commitments. No matter how successful an IT group might be in implementing new technologies or delivering major projects on time and on budget, chronic end user issues inevitably produce deep-seated concerns about the competence and efficiency of the overall IT organization.  

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