IDG Contributor Network: Consumer data protection is an advantage, not just a responsibility

The importance of protecting consumer data is growing more and more urgent. And it’s a responsibility that falls in the lap of the CIO. If Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before congress has anything to teach us, it’s that we will be held accountable–or at least called out–for the use and distribution of data. The Cambridge Analytica debacle is only an extreme example. For any company working with consumer data, there will almost certainly be an abundance of consequences for mismanaging it.

GDPR goes live this month, dangling the digital sword of Damocles over those who fail to meet stringent European privacy standards. Poised as we are for such change, it would be easy to think of data legislation as an enemy. But it needn’t be so. The Center for Humane Technology posits that whether you’re a technocrat, a legislator or an everyday Joe, we all have a common goal: developing technology that serves the needs of humanity, not technology that works against it. With this in mind, there’s considerable incentive for CIOs to be leading the charge into consumer data protection, rather than resisting or dreading it.

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